Daily Free Horoscope Prediction

Daily Free Horoscope Prediction

We are doing Free horoscope prediction of one horoscope everyday. You can participate in daily free horoscope prediction by filling up the form. We will give answer or prediction for two questions only. We will not disclose your name.


1. The Jataka Bichara for one Jataka will be done that is choosen from the queries we get everyday. It will be sent to your e-mail and also will be uploaded to the website and our facebook page.

2. The prediction of one Jataka will be choosen only from the particpants of the previous day that contains queries which will help other people too.

3. If your jataka bichara is not getting done then you can always try again each day. If you want your jatka bichara immdietly or needs it to be personalised you can use our service section or can contact us in person on the address given at contact us section.

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Date Of Birth: 03-05-1981
Time Of Birth: 08:10 PM
Place Of Birth: Gajapati, Odisha

_âgÜ- baòhýZ Rúa^ i´§ùe RûYòaûKê PûjêñQòö
C©e- aòzûfMÜ, @gßò^ú^lZâ, ùcheûgò, RûZKùe a©ðcû^ P¦â cjû\gûùe aê] @«Ÿðgû 2015 ciòjû @MÁcûi _~ðý« ùbûM ùjaö ùch eûgòùe _Mâj ù~ûM ùjûA P¦â cjû\gû 2018 ciòjû cAcûi _~ðý« ùbûM ùjaûij baòhýZùe ù~Cñ cjû\gû ùbûM ùja Zûjû baòhýZ Rúa^ùe eûRý_âû¯ò KùeAùaö ùZYê @Zý« iêLcd ùjaö

Date Of Birth: 31-12-1978
Time Of Birth: 05:20 PM
Place Of Birth: Gaya,Bihar

cò[ê^fMÜ, CeûhûXÿû^lZâ, cKeeûgò, RûZKùe a©ðcû^ Mêeê cjû\gûùe Mêeê @«Ÿðgû 2016 ciòjû cAcûi _~ðý« ùbûM ùjaö aéjÆZò iòõj eûgòKê Pkòaû `kùe cKe eûgòe @Ác aéjÆZò ùjfû ~ûjûKò [email protected] KêeêeûRû½ hù K‰ð^ò_ûZòZü’ G[ôeê ^ò½d aêSò _ûeòùaö RûZKùe Mêeê cûeKû]ô_Zò ùjûA cûeKiÚ ùjûA[ôaûeê gûeúeòK, cû^iòK I KcðùlZâùe céZêýaZþ _úWÿû ùbûM Keòùaö ùZYê _âûY_âZòÂòZ iµì‰ð cjûcéZêý¬d ~ª _ìRû Ke«êö iaðaû]û _âgc^ KaP ]ûeY Ke«êö _û^Üû eZÜ iê^ûùe cê\ò Keò _ò§«êö

Date Of Birth: 04-05-1991
Time Of Birth: 01:10 AM
Place Of Birth: Cuttack,Odisha

_âgÜ- ieKûeú PûKòeú ùja Kò ^ûjñò?
C©e- Kê¸fMÜ, _ìaðûhûXÿû^lZâ, ]^êeûgò, RûZKùe a©ðcû^ eaò cjû\gûùe gêKâ @«Ÿðgû 2016 ciòjû cAcûi _~ðý« ùbûM ùjaö 2016ciòjû cAcûi _~ðý« P¦â cjû\gû ùbûM ùjaö RûZKe R^àicd I R^àiÚû^ _âZò iù¦j ùjCQòö C_ùeûq icd ~\ò VòKþ ùjûA[ûG ùZùa 2017ciòjû cAcûi c¤ùe ^ò½d ieKûeú PûKòeú còkòaö

Date Of Birth: 01-10-1978
Time Of Birth: 04:24 AM
Place Of Birth: Kolkata, West Bengal

_âgÜ- cêñ ùMûùU ù\ûKû^ùe PûKòeú KeòQò, ^òùR KòQò Keò_ûeòaò Kò ^ûjñò?
C©e- iòõjfMÜ, Ceû`ûfMê^ú^lZâ, iòõjeûgò, RûZKùe a©ðcû^ eûjê cjû\gû 2019 ciòjû Rû^êdûeúcûi _~ðý« ùbûM ùjC[ôaûeê céZêýaZþ KÁ ùbûM KeòaûKê ùjaö Kcðê @]ôK ù~ ùfûWÿ«ò, ùPûe icû^ \Š [email protected], aû aò^ûg Kûùk aò_eúZ aê¡ò ù\Lûù\fû bkò aðcû^ KòQò Keòaûe Pò«û c^Kê @ûiêQòö aðcû^Vûeê ~[ûaò]ô _âZòKûe Keò Pûfòùf 2018ciòjû _ùe _ê^eûd ù~ûMûù~ûM Keò C_~êq_^Úû MâjY Kùf baòhýZ Rúa^ CRßkcd ùjaö ùZYê _âûY_âZòÂòZ iµì‰ð KÁ^òaûeY ~ª _ìRû Ke«êö Qò^ÜcÉû KaP ]ûeY Ke«êö cûYòKý I eq_âaûk eZÜ iê^û Kò´û eì_ûùe cê\ò Keò _ò§«êö

Date Of Birth: 07-05-1974
Time Of Birth: 09:15 AM
Place Of Birth: Patamundai,Odisha

cò[ê^fMÜ, aògûLû ^lZâ, aòzû eûgò, RûZKùe a©ðcû^ ùKZê cjû\gûùe eûjê @«Ÿðgû 2015ciòjû ^ùb´e cûi _~ðý« ùbûM ùjaö ùKZê cjû\gû 2018ciòjû ^ùb´e cûi _~ðý« ùbûM ùjaö ùKak GA ahð ^êùjñ, 2018 ciòjû _~ðý« ajê @iêaò]ûùe KùUAaûKê _Wÿòa û [û^û, `ûŠò, ùKûUð KùPeú, cûfòcKŸcûùe `iò~òùa û ~\ò _âZòKûe Keò ^ [û’«ò, ùZùa ~[ûgúNâ RûZK ù\ùLA ~[ûaò]ô _âZòKûe KùeA [email protected] û

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